What are your chances to find a Ukrainian women for marriage on the first date?

Before you answer, you might want to hear to my true story to see what’s possible…

My name is Gary, and I’m a 55 year old British COP, never married, no kids and had all but given up on ever finding true love. When my dysfunctional long-term relationship with a United Kingdom woman ended, I took the opportunity to step back and do some deep soul searching. I asked myself the question I should have asked a long time ago –
“Gary, what do you really want in a wife?” The answers that came back to me were nothing less than profound and started me on my quest. 

Here’s my love story on video if you prefer…

Gary and Elena Love Story

My True Love – Where Does She Await?

After asking myself that vary question, having previously spent some time in Eastern Europe – Kyiv Ukraine and hot Ukrainian women – was all I could think of. After all, with the British dating scene being so dismal these days, why not look abroad and consider international marriages I though. 

Knowing several Ukrainian families and Ukrainian wives from work, I was particularly impressed by their traditional family values. I had also had a long love affair with also Russian and Slavic culture. After Googling international dating, and mail order wife it seemed a Ukrainian bride would be a good match for me, again, due to their strong family values. I also like a spicy women and I had read Slavic women have strong character (yikes, be careful what you wish for:-). I also knew that, whilst sizzling hot Ukrainian girls were also amongst the most feminine and beautiful women in the world.

My Search Abroad

As with most western men with similar ambitions, I set out by looking into online dating services. There are many web sites out there, all advertising beautiful women who are apparently interested in meeting a western men. I saw that many of these operated a “pay per letter” (PPL) business model, even offering free video chat young beautiful Ukrainian girls galore. As alluring as it seemed, I am a cautious man, especially when it comes to matters of the heart, so before I jumped in, I decided to dig a little deeper. This is when I happened across the documentary “Love Me” – A Netflix Mail Order Brides documentary of 5 foreign men dating Ukrainian ladies they found on the dating site LoveMe.com (“A Foreign Affair”).

After watching it, I became more clear on a number of important points. Firstly, the idea of meeting ladies in a crowd of dozens of other foreign men at “socials” did not appeal to me at all. I wanted a more personalized approach, like that of a boutique Ukraine matchmaking service or Ukraine marriage agency. Secondly, I could see that the PPL industry was dominated by online dating scam sites and I was put off by the prospect that any Ukraine woman (regardless of which Ukrainian city she was from), I was likely to communicate with through such PPL dating sites was likely to be a scam. I felt the best way to avoid being scammed was to find the best Ukrainian marriage agency. The question was – how, in such shark infested waters?

I Googled “Best Ukraine Marriage Agency” and BOOM!

The Match Guaranty reviews link came up so I clicked and started reading glowing review after glowing review. 

The next link Google served me was a Youtube video with the Match Guarantee Canadian owner, Joe Rickards. Being a COP, the video that stood out for me was Joe’s matchmaker, Tatiana, taking a polygraph (lie detector) test. I found it fascinating (and I also know how Ukraine actually accepts polygraph results in Ukraine court so it’s seriously stuff.) Then I set about watching more and more of Joe’s videos. They covered a range of subjects from scamming (and how to spot scams) through to his “zone of success” which really made me think more deeply about how I could best ensure success for myself.

They were also very up front with the costs. Although Match Guaranty costs were not small by any means, I had read many horror stories from western men who had been scammed by Ukrainian girls only wanting a residence permit, and figures in the ten’s of thousands were common. One poor bloke got taken to the cleaners for $317,000! That helped me put Match Guaranty prices more in perspective for me. If figured if I could be a successful as the Match Guaranty reviews I had read, then actually the costs represented a very good value proposition.

I was also drawn in to the personality of Joe Rickards. He came across to me as being very genuine and was asking the sort of questions that I needed answered in his videos. I could clearly see that he had a lot of personal experience dating in Ukraine and seemed genuinely keen to help western men avoid the plethora of pitfalls.

Also of particular interest to me was the Match Guaranty marriage success rate claimed and the many video case studies of western men who had found love and happiness through Match Guaranty.

Match Guaranty came across to me as being a successful, premium marriage agency with a personalized, professional approach, which was exactly what I was looking for. 

My Match Guaranty Experience

I started by browsing the https://matchguaranty.com website where I registered so that I could see the Match Guaranty full lady profile information. I was immediately impressed with the beauty and overall quality of the Ukrainian women. I knew already from Joe’s videos that all of their women are vetted and interviewed personally by Match Guaranty’s physiologist to ensure they are genuine, Ukrainian women for marriage, and not gold diggers seeking to leave Ukraine with a new passport to America or UK – something we can’t be too careful safeguarding against.

Having decided that I wanted to take things further, I registered for Match Guaranty’s “try before you buy service”. This started with a complimentary matchmaking consultation, thereafter I chose 10 ladies to see which had mutual interest in meeting me in person in Kiev Ukraine. 

The dating coach for men assigned to me was Lyuba. She was great. I found her advice and guidance to be very relevant and practical. She helped me with the preparation of my letter of introduction to the Ukrainian girls and selecting my best personal photos to send them to get their best chance of interest in me. We talked about my personal zone of success and I understood why it was best for me to stick within this.

As a 54 year old man, I therefore focused on ladies aged 39 plus. As a professional and well-educated man, I wanted a well-educated, professional lady who spoke English well. Within my list of ten ladies, I chose a mixture of those with and without children. All were very elegant and beautiful. I was also asked at this stage to identify my favorite from the ten that I would ideally like to have my free video date with. Her name was Elena and I’ll never forget her number was 1236.

So I submitted my letter of introduction, I completed the Match Guaranty questionnaire and I supplied my five best photos. Then I had a nail-bitting, nervous wait to see who (if any) may be interested in me. Within a week or so Lyuba contacted me to inform me that seven of the ten ladies that I had selected were interested. I was delighted with this news and even happier that my top lady, Elena 1236, was one of them.

So Lyuba set about arranging our video date. I just had to make sure that I was available on line at the agreed time and date. I made the effort to be properly groomed and wore a freshly ironed dress shirt; it may have been a video date but I still wanted to make a good first impression. The process of the video date was very smooth. Lyuba made the introductions and then just stepped into the background. When I first saw Elena live on the screen I thought “wow”! 

Am I Out Of My League ?

Then I thought, man, am I way out of my league or what. My mates simply wouldn’t believe me. They’d think I’d gone off and got a Ukrainian mail order bride. She even looked more naturally beautiful than her photos. Her English was great. I was told beforehand that video dates normally last for 30 minutes; Elena and I were still going strong on the hour mark when Lyuba came back in to say that it needed to wrap up. I also knew from my dating coach that if I was interested to progressing further I should outright tell Elena I like her and I’d like to meet her again, but Elena beat me to it – asking me if I wanted to stay in touch with her which was great! I felt like a kid in a candy store!  

I wasn’t going to delay even one day – as soon as we got off the video date I asked for the invoice and paid Match Guaranty’s fee, following which Lyuba sent me Elena’s contact details straight away.

Match Guaranty Client Support

I began by messaging Elena directly a few days after our video date. We started quite slowly, exchanging text messages and some photos on Viber and WhatsApp. During this early period of our relationship I sought further advice from Lyuba about frequency and nature of contact. I had learned the big cultural barriers between Ukrainian women and foreign men often causes men to screw up the relationship early on unknowingly and I didn’t want that to be me.

Elena and I’s communication grew naturally as each week built on the other. My initial plan was to fly to Kyiv to meet with her in person within a month or so of the video date but COVID lockdown travel restrictions from the UK prevented this. We actually kept revising the date hoping that restrictions would ease, but they did not. We maintained our daily contact and used this period to get closer. We had many deep and meaningful conversations (amongst our spicy flirtatious ones). I was eventually able to travel to Kyiv some eight plus months after our video date. I arranged a long weekend to spend with Elena. Lyuba again helped with travel and accommodation advice and Elena came and picked me up at Kyiv’s Boryspil airport with a huge XOXOXO.

I Proposed During Our First Offline Date

My weekend in Kyiv with Elena was magical! She was attentive and thoughtful. She arranged activities for us which made it very exciting, whilst we got to know each other personally. I met her parents and adopted baby daughter, Dasha. It was during this, our first weekend together that I proposed to her. For my last night in Kyiv she’d pre-booked tickets to the ballet at the Kyiv Opera House. It was the perfect end to a fairytale weekend.

Lyuba assisted with organising my return journey to the airport and Match Guaranty’s concierge Igor drove me to the airport with a smile and great conversation enlightening me about Ukrainian wedding traditions.

On my subsequent trips to Kyiv, Elena and I made a point of visiting the Match Guaranty office, where we always receive a warm welcome.

Match Guaranty has also been amazing on other matters where we needed help, such as , securing a British travel Visa to enable Elena to spend time with me in the UK whilst our family immigration file is in the works.

We are so pleased with the support provided by Match Guaranty that we invited Joe and his family, Lyuba and other members of the team to our wedding in Kyiv – you can see it filmed live August 12, 2021.

As Elena, myself and our precious litter girl Dasha start our brilliant future together, we owe it all to Match Guaranty and all their love and support.

Why I Chose Match Guaranty

I’m happy to recommend MG for the following reasons:

  • Honesty, integrity and transparency… check out their hundreds of Youtube videos!
  • Range and high quality of serious, marriage minded ladies!
  • Personalized approach with knowledgeable dating coaches that care!
  • Professionalism!
  • High success rate!
  • Amazing client care and support throughout the entire process (and for me, continued support even after I got married)

The ultimate compliment, I now regard Joe, Anna and their colleagues as personal friends and I look forward to catching up with them again when I’m next in Kyiv.

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