“Age is an issue of mind over matter; if she doesn’t mind, then it doesn’t matter.”

Mark Twain

It’s an age old question, pun intended, and in this article, we’re going to simplify it for you. In Eastern Europe it is considered normal to be in a relationship with someone (almost always the male) up to ten year the senior. In western culture, there are standout exceptions too, the recently departed Hugh Hefner for one but can we seriously compare the lifestyle and relationships of celebrities with us mere mortals and remain realistic in our thinking?  Easy answer to that, of course not.  And therein also lies the overall answer to the proverbial question – thinking and being realistic. If it was that simple, this article would be redundant but as with most of what life throws at us, there are always boundaries and rules as well as exceptions.  Some more answers are provided by Ukraine and Russian sociologists so read on to find out if it is truly possible to find the girl of your dreams outside your generation and age group.


Isn’t it an incredible feeling to have this stunning, svelte, sexy, young (insert any age here from 18 to 25) Slavic woman nestling against your body, her beautiful long blond hair tickling your arm as she looks up at you with those sparkling blue eyes reflecting her every desire?  Wake up man, stop dreaming, get real here! Yes, the male ego is a sensitive device that young woman from Eastern Europe have unfortunately become seasoned and adept at manipulating.  And that’s not their fault, it’s ours. Yes, we are to blame here, because us western men have allowed this situation to develop with our naivety and desire over-ruling plain old common sense.

If you have experienced the above scenario, and many, many have whether they’ll admit to it or not, then you understand.  As I stated, exclaimed in a LOUD voice, get real! Think with the head, and by that I mean the one on your shoulders. Let’s say you are a sprightly, young fifty-year-old, and from the above scenario, the girl is twenty-five. Don’t tell me, tell yourself, what common interests could you possibly share? Yes, the desire is strong, and she is so beautiful but what are we looking for by having a date with this girl in the first place?  Do you really think a long-term successful relationship is on the cards? If you’re honest with yourself, the answer is (almost always) no. You couldn’t have this kind of relationship in your own culture so what makes you believe you can achieve it within another?  Get real.

Relationships are more than just dinners, movies, social gatherings and walks on the beach. Over time, the true cultural differences between the varied ages becomes too difficult to overcome. Very often, the pair has no common friends and it becomes apparent that their interests and goals in life do not match. If there was nothing connecting you except your interest in each other, the relationship is doomed. How much time in this relationship have you just wasted to find this out?  One year, two, five?  Fifty-years-old when it started, and now at fifty-five you have to start again. You only have one life, so get real and do it right from the very beginning, increase your chances of success exponentially.

How Young Is Too Young?

There is a magic number and it doesn’t matter what society you come from, that number remains the same. Ten. It works both ways too, the woman could be ten years older than you (I’d bet next week’s pay check that none of you thought of that!) and your chances of a successful relationship increase out of sight. Why, I hear you ask? It’s pretty simple really, it’s reality, normal.  Your shared views and opinions will not be so much at odds and neither will the opinions of others (friends and family), whether you care about what others think or not is irrelevant because it can and does add pressure regardless.

Now pay attention because this next section is Gold Star Information. Here in Eastern Europe, if a couple separates and divorces, and they are over the age of 40+ for the men and around 35+ for the women, the men usually remain single for the rest of their natural lives while the women go on to seek another relationship.  Do the math yourself or see the sign up there right in front of your eyes in huge neon letters – there is far more available women seriously looking for a relationship over the age of 35. Your chances of success have increased even more just by being realistic, and by knowing the score here in Eastern Europe.

The Ideal Age Difference

This is a bit of a throw away subject so we’ll discuss it briefly.  We are taught normalcy in most forms of different cultures at a young age, from before we even begin school. It is the teenage years that are the most formative because that’s when boys and girls begin to form attractions of a nature that has nothing to do with simple friendship. It’s this period where we form our values about age difference. A 14 year-old girl is going to be viewed with both disdain and awe from her peer group if she enters a relationship with a 17 year-old boy. Her parents would probably be shocked! The boys’ peers and parents are highly likely to disapprove also. And we carry that perception with us for the rest of our lives though it does mellow over time for many reasons, such as individual maturity, common interests, and personality, not to mention physical appearance. The reality is we progress from little to no age difference up to and around that maximum figure of ten years over the period of our lifetime.

It is no different in many other cultures, including Eastern Europe, but other factors do come into play, such as availability of suitable partners.  Remember that Gold Star information we shared with you above? Things are looking far more positive for you now, aren’t they!  Nod you head and say, “yes!”

Want More?

If you are interested in learning more about the Ukrainian women’s views on age difference, you should check out the video here – https://youtu.be/_JIBpgJIHJE

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