“A 3-hour tour”

Svetlana and Wilfred found each through our agency. They currently live in Germany and their marriage is a picture of harmony and understanding. Here is their story:

A month before my trip to Ukraine, I wrote letters to several women through your agency to try and get to know them better. It turned out that simply writing could not show the true nature of a person. I had a splendid correspondence with Tatiana from Dneprodzerjinsk. Her messages were fun to read, and I waited expectantly to get each new letter from her. We felt that we had found a soulmate in each other, not simply a pen-pal. Oh, how wrong I was! When I finally came to Ukraine, the agency organized our meeting. We were glad to see each other but in less than thirty minutes we ran out of things to talk about. Luckily, she was not the only woman I had written letters to. The other girl was Svetlana. She didn’t write much and seemed to be shy and quiet. But when we met and started talking she was a completely different person. It seemed, only a moment had passed when a man from the agency came to us and said we had been talking for three hours already!

When my daughter grew up, I saw that my marriage was falling apart and I felt trapped. I no longer felt comfortable with that man. We divorced and I dedicated myself to building my career as chief accountant at a shoe factory. But I am a woman and I felt empty without a man’s love, so I decided to visit your agency. I’m generally shy around men and even writing letters to them is hard for me. But when I met Wilfred and he smiled, my heart melted. We couldn’t stop talking and I understood that he was the one. Once we got married, I invited my friend Elena to visit us. When she felt the atmosphere of harmony around us, she decided to use the agency too. I hope she will find someone special very soon.

TIP: The example of Wilfred and Svetlana shows that just writing letters can’t help you understand a woman. Some people are good at writing long eloquent letters but in real life, they are difficult to talk to. Others struggle to write a few lines but are very sweet in person. You just never know until you meet for real.



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