Love – fate, chance, or action?

It’s no secret that every culture has its peculiarities, and it’s a real miracle when people from different countries, different cultures, different worlds really, meet and their hearts beat as one. Our story is about one such miracle.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Vitalina, a pharmacist by training. Really my story begins with a thought I had one snowy winter morning. I wondered if it might be possible that my soulmate could be a man from abroad. Why not I thought? When I shared my idea with my close friend Natalia, she recommended an agency she had secretly joined and not told me. So I too joined and the rest is history (but with a twist as you’ll see).

First I met a German man named Georgies. At first I was so enchanted with him and the dream of having a future family that I even took up studying German to be closer to him.

Serendipitously, at the same time another German, Olaf, was visiting the agency as a client. One day I was hurrying off to my German lessons when I met him by chance (or was it fate?). He is a tall, handsome man with chiseled features, and there he was, right before my eyes in Ukraine. I have to say I was a bit smitten when we first met at your agency just before I quickly shuffled off to my lessons.

Interestingly, shortly after arriving at my German lesson there was a knock on the door. Surprise, it was Olaf! He introduced himself to the teacher as a native German speaker and asked if he could sit in on the lesson. Of course the teacher jumped at the change to practice with a native speaker. That was the beginning of our love story.

After the class, Olaf left to search for Tatiana, his matchmaker at your agency to ask if I was married or in a relationship. Upon hearing that I was, he faced the disappointment well and did not lose hope. He simply replied, “Okay, well let me know if the relationship fails.”

After visiting Georgies in Germany for the first time, my hopes had waned as we just didn’t seem to be compatible. I returned home in despair, my hopes of a happy life now felt more like a dream. Having heard the bad news Tatiana kept her promise and informed Olaf; “Carpe Diem,” she is free!

In hindsight it now seems fate knew best. I was now a free woman and Olaf wasted no time in pursuing me, and the rest as they say, is history. After a courtship of only 3 months we both knew we wanted to be together for life and create a family. Today I couldn’t be happier with Olaf! I know he cares for me deeply and always makes sure I am happy and comfortable here in Germany. He always makes sure my mother is welcome to visit our home, which is very important to me. Sure we have our quarrels, but we forgive each other quickly. In fact, last week we had a fight and two days later he surprised me by announcing a trip together to Paris. He always seems to know how to make everything right for me. Thank you so much for finding me my man Tatiana!

TIP: Well it’s a joke really (but so true). Who’s the most popular foreign man in Ukraine? The one that’s there. Seriously though, it’s always the man of ACTION that wins the heart of the Ukrainian beauty. They don’t want a pen pal, they want a real man to come and “conquer” them.



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