“Let your actions speak for you”

Sometimes, when you see two people you can instantly tell they have chemistry and are meant to be a couple. The way they talk, the way they behave, their wardrobe and even taste in music seem to be similar. The moment we saw the photos of Tatiana and Gunter we got the idea of bringing them together. It was a successful match and they quickly found things to talk about.
But, to be honest, there was a problem with the communication. You see, when Tatiana turned to our agency, she couldn’t speak any foreign languages. However, our capable interpreters aided the conversation. Since Gunter was from Austria, Tatiana decided to start studying German, which is a heroic deed for anyone outside German-speaking countries. The incredible variety of articles, word forms, and crazy-long words make this language a secret cipher to new students. But Tatiana was so determined to learn it that, after a while, she denied our proposition of translator assistance when dating Gunter. Using only a small pocket dictionary, she somehow managed to speak from her heart. And her words resonated in Gunter’s, because he was very amused with each date. The only time she wanted to use a translator was when she finally introduced Gunter to her family. He was impressed by her efforts and her willpower, to say nothing of her beauty.
We haven’t heard from them since their marriage. But that’s a good sign – couples contact us mostly to solve problems. Only a few write to share their joy and express gratitude but, naturally, those are the letters we like the most!

TIP: Dating a person from another country may seem hard because of the language barrier, but in reality, all people are same – we all seek love and understanding. To be attractive to a date you must express such traits as fun, kindness, bravery, willpower, honesty and generosity. Even if you don’t know the words – let your actions speak for you.



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