“Fourth time’s the charm”

Bad luck strikes even the best of men. Sandro is a young businessman from Switzerland. It only takes a few minutes of talking to him to notice his strong, vibrant energy. He makes friends with everyone. You wouldn’t believe that a man like him could be unhappy with his marriage. But life can turn its back on anyone. Sandro’s wife left him only six months after giving birth to their child. Sandro’s first experience in a relationship with a Ukrainian girl didn’t have a happy ending either, but, Sandro didn’t become desperate – he thought that the quickest and the most reliable way of finding a new mother for his son was to contact our agency, and we dedicated ourselves to helping him.
Sandro’s choice was Tatiana. They met in Kyiv when Sandro flew in from Switzerland. When Sandro returned home after a week together, he was sure that he couldn’t enjoy another moment of his life without her. Tatiana visited Switzerland while the Sandro’s son was on holiday together with his grandmother in Spain. Sandro couldn’t wait to introduce his young son to Tatiana, but, unexpectedly, Tatiana needed return home, ruining Sandro’s plans… and breaking his heart. It was clear they simply didn’t suit one another. Sandro was disappointed, but we cheered him up and continued looking for the right girl.
Sandro wasn’t able to get away from work and visit Ukraine again for quite a while. During the interim, he was introduced to Elena via our website. At first, their communication was limited only to messages and Skype calls. But Sandro wanted to know her better and, invited Elena to visit Switzerland. In expectation of the long-awaited meeting, Elena put a lot of time into selecting gifts for Sandro’s child, she clearly had a big heart.
Finally, they were able to be together and truly enjoyed their time. This was finally the right girl! At long last, in the spring of 2016, they wed. They are both happy and enjoy their life in Switzerland and Sandro decided to share the best day of his life with everyone by sending these wonderful wedding photos to our agency.

TIP: If at first you don’t succeed, try again. You can communicate with and meet as many women as you want using our agency. The right one for you IS out there!

Sandro and Elena1

Sandro and Elena2

Sandro and Elena4



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