Several years ago I registered with your agency and to tell the truth I did not trust any agency anymore, since I was very disappointed in them from bad past experiences. Agencies where I went before were not interested in me and my life. But when my friends recommended me Match Guaranty, and after I met Tatiana from the very beginning I felt they really wanted to help me. It was important for them to know what kind of person I am and to consider my preferences before recommending a man to me. The men they recommended were always nice and with serious intentions and they were always organized in arranging the meetings, which were held in a friendly environment and the agency’s interpreters were really supportive. The agency suggested me a couple of meetings, we met, spoke about different things, but my heart was not beating faster and the meetings ended without any result. I understood that finding my Mr Right required time and patience. And it finally happened to me. Once when I came to meet Gerbert I felt some divine spark between us. So we continued our acquaintance. Gerbert paid for my private German lessons and I tried to learn the language because I was eager to communicate better with my man. He wrote me letters, emails and SMS. In the beginning the agency helped me to translate them, but in two month I could understand what Gerbert wrote me and even answer some simple things. A foreign language can be learnt easier if it is practiced and if a person is really motivated to learn it. Gerbert visited me in Kiev; we communicated and felt that we need each other. In a year we decided to get married. Now I live in Germany with Gerbert and we have a son, who is now 3. We both love each other very much. Our son is happy, since he is growing in our loving family.
I would like to wish all your clients to hope for better and trust experienced professionals of your agency.



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