“Overcoming negative experiences”

My name is Oksana, I’m 35 years old, and now, I’m happily married. But, five years ago I had lost trust in all those dating agencies – I thought they were only for old dudes searching for easy-to-get foreign women and old women searching for even older men. I tried several agencies, but they treated me like another brick in the wall – they just put my info into their database and from time to time sent me photos of some weirdos. They didn’t even seem to care much if I liked the guys they tried to hook me up with.

My friend Anna advised me to take a chance with your service. After she told me how good it was, I figured that I had nothing to lose if I gave it a try, so I did. I was not disappointed! They treated me like a real person, not just an entry in the database. They cared about my preferences and counseled me before letting men write to me. I chose the most promising and serious men. The gatherings they organized were really warm. Alena, the translator that assisted me gave all the support she could to help me get along with men.

The only problem was that I didn’t feel much attachment to most of the men I spoke with. It’s strange that none of them touched my heart. Maybe it is intuition or maybe it’s all the negative experiences that I had. Alena told me to gather my patience and just try again. And so I did. The wait was worth it – I felt something immediately when I met Herbert from Germany. He is smart and funny, kind and generous. The way he spoke to me, the way he treated me – I felt attraction towards him. And we decided to keep dating.

I had to get over the language barrier. I started taking German lessons, which Herbert generously paid for. After eight private lessons, I was happy to read his SMS by myself, and how glad was he to read my first message! I practiced every day, watching movies and reading in German. In a year he proposed to me and of course I said “Ja.” Our son is three years old now, and we raise him with love and care.

I wish luck to all your clients and success to the people who work with you.

TIP: Like fine wine, women become better with age but often they have a lot of negative experiences dating men. Your task is to overcome that and make her heart beat faster. Show her that you treat her like a lady and that your determination is firm and pure. It may take some time, but if you make her feel at ease around you, you will conquer her heart and she will reward you for it!



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