“Letter from a satisfied wife”

Our agency is always extremely happy to receive joy filled letters from our former clients. Recently, we received one such letter from Germany, written by Natalia three years after her marriage to Peter. After reading it, we are sure that she has found her true love. Here is an excerpt from the letter:

Hello, Dear Matchguaranty!

Recollection of your agency fills my heart with warmth and gratitude! Thanks to your efforts and kindness I met the best man on earth, who became my beloved husband. It’s already been three years since our wedding and each minute is filled with love and care.

During this time I’ve been a bit of a couch potato due to lack of work and I’ve gained some weight since I’m not stressed out and mostly travel by car instead of walking everywhere. On one hand, it’s not bad, but on the other, I worry about it, as would every woman in my situation. The funny thing is that before marriage I used to have financial problems and couldn’t afford adequate food. I always gave the best pieces to my son and neglected myself on everything.

Thank God, the situation now has completely changed. We are well-off and deny ourselves nothing. But, alas, I must cut down on my food intake so as to not gain any more weight. Without doing that, I would already be 20 kilograms heavier! This year I’ve decided to be much harder on myself. Also, during a recent dental treatment there were some restrictions on food. My dear hubby pities me and he even even tries to tidy up and wash the dishes, just to make my life easier. If I do something around the house or cook the food, he always says, “Thank you very much!” and kisses my hand. Please tell me, are there any Ukrainian men with such an attitude toward their wife? I have to bitterly admit that our Slavic men are just not capable of it. They just don’t have this culture. But, let’s hope they get it!

May God help you in this noble and essential business. Hugs and kisses to you, my dear ones! I look forward to meeting you in Kyiv soon and bringing my sister to you!

Thanks for everything,


It seems like the couple’s story could be a perfect lesson for lonely Ukrainian men out there. It may be of use for them to keep in mind, “If you treat a woman like a queen, she’ll treat you like a king.” Natalia also asked the agency to find a decent man for her sister. Naturally, we will, since her trust and support invigorate us greatly. After such letters we have wings on our heels, and are ready to embrace the whole world and bring love to everyone! This is what we work for! And Natalia’s kind words are the best proof of our success!

TIP: If you treat a woman like a queen, she’ll treat you like a king.



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