“Brave as a lion”

Being unique and not just like everyone else is always challenging. And if you’re a woman looking for a soulmate, things could become really complicated. These were the thoughts, which tormented Natalia during her registration in our agency.
She might not seem that outlandish: a university teacher, vegetarian and believer. She was prepared to cook for her future husband even if he wasn’t a vegetarian, but she really prayed that he shared her religious beliefs. She is a clever and independent woman, who deeply believes in God. That might have caused complications, but everyone has a match, and Natalia was no exception.
After a long wait, she was finally invited to the agency and our matchmaker showed her a photo of the man who wanted to meet her, exclaiming, “Look at this handsome man looking at you from the screen!” Natalia was a bit confused by these words, but she wasn’t shy and Leonardo received an answer to his letter. Moreover, their 12-year difference in age wasn’t too great, and that made her think it was the right choice.
In two weeks time, right when Leonardo was going to visit Natalia in Ukraine, a massive volcano in Iceland erupted and flights were stopped for several days due to the ash cloud blanketing Europe. There are always obstacles in love that must be overcome, but they’re not usually geologic! Still, Leonardo safely made it to Ukraine two weeks later.
The couple really enjoyed time together: visiting museums, the botanical garden and aqua-park. They even forgot about their age and laughed like children — a sure sign of mutual attraction. They even had made some plans for visiting Krivoi Rog, Natalia’s hometown when another problem befell them. Leonardo broke his leg and needed surgery.
It looked like their trip was postponed indefinitely… but nothing of the sort! Being a real gentleman, who always keeps his promises, he flew to Ukraine as soon as possible. His leg was still in a cast! This deed of daring touched Natalia to the bottom of her soul and she was eager to see him again. You must admit, not every man would have flown to his beloved woman under such circumstances. But Leonardo lived up to his namesake “brave as a lion.” Doing this won Natalia’s heart forever and the couple married two years after they had met and now live happily together, recalling all the sweet, but sometimes heart-wrenching, moments of their first dates.

Tip: Going to extremes for love is a sure way to capture her heart!

Natalia and Leonard



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