“You don’t always catch the best fish on the first try”

Helmut was once the happy husband of a beautiful Polish lady and father to two sons. After ten wonderful years together, tragedy struck. Everything changed when Helmut’s wife died. His mood became gloomy and he stopped smiling for nearly five years. His children couldn’t watch him like that, so they talked him into using our dating agency to look for a new wife.

The first woman he decided to meet was Elena. After a short while, they understood that they weren’t meant for each other. “We were just too different,” said Helmut. “What was amusing for her, I found strange, and my hobbies like fishing and gardening were dull for her.” For a while, he thought about quitting his search, but the children asked him to continue, “You don’t always catch the best fish on the first try,” they said. And soon he found a true gem – Natalia, who was ten years his junior. They discovered that they had similar sorrows – she had been cheated on by her husband, which lead to a painful divorce. They also had a bit of a language barrier because Natalia could only speak Russian and Ukrainian. Luckily, Helmut spoke some Polish, taught to him by his late wife. Since Polish and Ukrainian are quite similar, he could understand somewhat when Natalia spoke. “She is a treasure, I see it in comparison with other women I have dated. She is kind-hearted, funny and we share the same hobbies.” Helmut’s family welcomed Natalia and now they are married and live together. In their spare time, they grow roses and go fishing.

TIP: Friends and family care about you and can advise you when making hard life decisions. Following their advice is always up to you because in the end it’s your life and you are responsible for it. But it can be helpful to see yourself from other people’s perspective.

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