7-Natalia and Frank

“My dreams of a family and career came true”

My name is Natalia and I used to work as a doctor in Kyiv, but not anymore. When I was 28, I felt the time was right for me to find my soulmate. Local men were dull and often not brave enough to make the first move. I liked Europeans more, they were always polite and decisive. For me, the most modern and reliable way of getting to know new men was via a dating agency. They filter out those weird guys from online chat rooms and help a lady to find her match.

After searching for a while, I found Frank, a 30-year-old engineer from Munich. He seemed to be a great guy. We had lots in common: we read the same books and enjoyed watching the same movies, plus, our views of the family life and future goals matched. That is important. I am a bit strange for Ukraine because I was more interested in my career than in immediately having a baby. We got the chance to meet each other in spring, when the agency organized a gathering.

Now we are married and live in Munich. My adjustment wasn’t easy. I needed to study German and take courses to transfer my medical license to Germany. At least I made a lot of friends to help me. It was a long bureaucratic process, but for me, it was worth the wait. Finally, with my career on track, we switched our focus to family. Not long ago we were blessed with a son, which made our lives happier than ever!

TIP: Make sure you know the future goals of a woman and whether she is more career-oriented or family-oriented. In Ukraine, the vast majority of women want children very quickly.



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