“Lonely in Poland”
Wilfred had to relocate from his home in Dresden, Germany to Poland to participate in a long-term project. There, away from his homeland, he felt especially lonely, and realized that he wanted to start a family. Working from morning till late night, he couldn’t spare time on the usual dating, so he asked our agency for help. We searched our database and found several matches for him in Ukraine, which is no surprise, as Ukrainian women are better in both looks and personal qualities than other Europeans. That’s why so many Westerners look for their love there.
Simply writing letters says nothing about the personality. The ideal way is to have a real date with a real woman. Having no time to visit Ukraine, the Wilfred asked us to arrange a trip to Poland for a woman he chose. That is a bit of a risk, since not every woman would agree to leave her country for uncertainty. But, as a true gentleman, Wilfred wanted to make the journey as comfortable as possible, so he proposed that she bring a companion or a relative with her so that she would feel safer.
Victoria was the first woman that answered his invitation. She came with her daughter and they stayed at a hotel in the center of the city. Unfortunately, the very first date had shown that she was no match for Wilfred and she left the next day.
The next woman that Wilfred had mailed was Irina. She gladly accepted the invitation and made the trip to Poland as soon as she could. The first date was a success and they continued it the next day. All week Wilfred spent every free moment of his time with Irina – though mostly they had just dinners together. He says that he felt like he had known her his whole life.

TIP: It was a wise move for Wilfred to invite not only a woman, but also her companion. When a woman meets a new man, she puts all her effort into showing what a nice person she is. But as they say, “show me who your friend is and I will see who you are.” When she is with a friend, you can see how she behaves and talks with someone she has known for a long time. That’s her true self. When the first lady visited him with her daughter, Wilfred saw how strict she was with her and he decided that she was not the best candidate to be his wife and mother to a future child. So, take an opportunity to see a woman you date in the circle of her close friends or relatives.



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