“A Frenchman for her birthday”

We are always on the lookout for extraordinary, interesting and amusing stories that mark the beginning of sincere love between two people. One such romantic adventure happened to Elena and Eric, whom our agency gave a push to meet one another. Elena was a tutor at higher education establishment, intelligent, refined and successful – all in all, the woman of your dreams. And, one special day, this very woman finally decided to make a change in her life and came our agency. To the surprise of the matchmaker, Elena had decided to apply to the agency on her birthday, claiming that she made up her mind to give herself the best present of all and fall in love with her future life partner.
Fortunately, a suitable candidate was not long in coming. You see, the things developed in such a way that almost immediately a man appeared on the horizon. It was Eric, a Frenchman, whose heart was won by the beauty of Ukrainian women. He longed to meet a woman from that country and for a match made in heaven. It occurred to him that our agency would be able to assist and soon he was looking at possible future brides. Scanning through the photographs, Eric’s heart skipped a beat when he saw her – a beauty queen with heartwarming eyes. In that very moment, he realized that she was his one and only. When he heard her reason for joining, Eric was taken aback. The thought flashed through his mind: perhaps *he* could be the present. As if by magic, it turned out that he was.
The happy couple was married 2014 and live in France, They still recall this joke about a birthday present — and how everything happened exactly the way Eric had predicted.
TIP: Although magic happens, it needs a helping hand from experienced people who can put the right people together.
Erik and Elena2



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