“Love at first sight… or first write”

The history of Oliver’s search for love was a story of written letters and video chats using Skype. In fact, through the agency the Canadian was communicating with several different Ukrainian girls. But, none really got his heart going. Even up until just a few weeks before his trip to Ukraine the agency staff was stymied, they just couldn’t seem to find the right girl for him. However, the solution was not far off. As our matchmaker was looking over Oliver’s photo — his open smile, kind eyes, through which his devoted soul was clearly visible – a thought struck her: this man bore a striking resemblance to Elena, an amazing, open-hearted girl who was just a little bit shy and with a great sense of humor. She would be a perfect match for him!

When Oliver arrived in Ukraine, he met with only one girl of the many he had corresponded with prior to Elena, but it was clear that she wasn’t quite what he was looking for. Next, came a real-life date with Elena… and Oliver immediately stopped his search. “I recognized my missing half at once. There wasn’t any point in seeing other women,” Oliver recalls. “I posted our photo together on Facebook and wrote: ‘My future wife’ to let everybody know about it.”

Some might say Oliver was too self-confident, but if two hearts start beating together from the very first meeting, why not be? His hopes and aspirations were quickly realized and in September 2016 he became a happy husband to an even happier wife.

“Our life together is bliss,” were Elena’s first words, when she called to the Agency last spring. And she added humorously, “We’d like to invite you to our wedding.” The matchmaker was very surprised, “Will the ceremony be in Kyiv?”

“No,” answered the happy fiancée, “in Canada, and I understand you probably cannot come, but still, I still wanted to invite you!”

If we only could, we would attend all our clients’ weddings. Seeing their eyes sparkling with happiness truly is our biggest reward!

TIP: Do converse with many women, but don’t be afraid to narrow the field.



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