“Its never too late to start a family”
“What an amazing couple!” said an agency staffer about Elena and Kuno. And, looking at their photographs, one might think this pair had lived their whole life together, they do suit each other well. You might be surprised, however, to learn that they only found each other very recently. It is clear that that was true love, and worth waiting for.
Kuno, at almost sixty years old, came to Kyiv with the firm intention to marry a woman much younger than him. But, he had a good reason for that, after a lifetime of work, he yearned to become a father. “My whole life was spent making money… but in my heart I still had the hope for a family.”
In Kyiv, he met the beautiful, 40-year-old Irina. But, their relationship was only to last a year. At first, things seemed very promising, letters were exchanged and personal meetings were arranged, Kuno went home to Germany and later returned to Kyiv… and Irina. But, to Kuno’s regret, he was met by indeterminate answers to his proposal, neither “yes,” nor “no.” The year of writing and imagining had been spent in vain. Kuno bitterly realized that his goal of creating a family was escaping him, so, he decided to end his relationship with Irina. However, he had a clear command for our matchmaker, “Find me a woman, who is truly my perfect match, my second half. My future is exclusively in your hands!”

Shortly thereafter, we found Elena — quiet and decent, a real woman… and a perfect one for Kuno. She is only 10 years his junior and understands him perfectly, supporting him in all his undertakings and sharing his interests. “I love landscape design – my career and my hobby,” Kuno said, “and I’ve infected Elena with it. Now she wants to learn and do it also.”
Also, as a lifetime bachelor, Kuno wasn’t used to much order and neatness around him, but his new wife Elena changed that with her touch – their apartment is now comfortable and tidy. “I was moved by her attentions. Now I finally understand the meaning of the proverb: ‘There is no place like home!'” Kuno said about his diligent wife.
A clean house wasn’t the only change. Kuno’s deepest wish has also come true and Elena gave him a son, Albert.

TIP: If at first you don’t succeed… listen to our matchmaker.



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