I was a single mother with a beautiful daughter that I cherish so much and I had a good job in Kiev. Back then I was still living with my parents who have helped me raise my daughter. I have had quite a number of marriage proposals and failed relationships and that made me feel lonely for so many years. Being a Ukranian lady and alone, it bothered me when the men that I dated did not have sincere intentions and were not family oriented. All of those years I felt that every man that I meet will just end up letting me down in the long run.
One day, a friend recommended me to Joe’s agency. This friend of mine knew about my failed relationships and past heartaches so she fully understood that I was fragile. So with that kind of understanding, I trusted my friend to give Match Guaranty a try. This is where I met Jean. When I saw him for the first time, I saw a bright twinkle in his eye and I immediately felt his confidence and an aura of a mature man. He radiates responsible personality and it seemed that he is family oriented and values courtesy and is eager to settle down. I was 40 back then and I couldn’t afford to make any more wrong choices in men so I was very cautious. He was so charming that along the way I couldn’t help but rush things. But still, as gentlemanly as he is, he waited for me patiently. He was in constant communication with me – he made sure he sent frequent e-mails, updates and told me just about everything. It was so fun back then; I have never felt that kind of attention from a man before! Days and months passed by and we didn’t know we were really falling for each other. He decided to visit me in Kiev from France. The gesture made me feel that he was really sincere and serious about me. We visited the nicest places in Kiev and travelled to some cities around Ukraine too. It was when we felt we got to know each other better and deeper. He opened up to me and laid all the cards on me. He was sincere and determined to know me more and show me that he is the best man for me. He carefully listened, was always helpful and chivalrous – and that made me happy. I was daydreaming when I was with him at that time and liked him all the more. After a year and a half had passed, I then realized that I had fallen deeply in love with him – so I happily accepted his marriage proposal when he asked me.
It has now been 4 years since we got married. There are only minor adjustments from both of us. One was the language – I had to learn French as we moved in to his house after marriage. At first, I was so frustrated because I was having difficulty learning the language and I felt hopeless because of my age that I thought it would be impossible. But as time has passed by, I’ve finally learned French and I feel so happy that I can now converse with Jean and express emotion and affection through his mother tongue. He couldn’t be happier!
Now my 20 year old daughter lives with us in Paris and is now studying in Sorbonne. Jean treated her like his own child and my daughter couldn’t love him more and treats him as her own father. I became very good friends with my mother-in-law. During the early stages of my marriage with Jean and I had trouble finding a job in France, she was really supportive and encouraging. She treats me like I am her own daughter. She even sometimes cooks for me!
I am so grateful for having Jean in my life. And the most important is that we love each other. He is happy when he sees me being happy and this feeling is mutual. Thank you Tatiana and Joe for helping me find the love of my life! May all the women find their better halves and happiness!



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