I’ve been on several arranged dates that were disastrous before, so I was rather skeptical, that is until I came to Kiev and met Anna.
I immediately realized that she was the one for me. Although she could not speak German at that time, we both knew some English and it was enough to get by. It’s amazing how easy it was to get along with each other. We could talk about everything and about nothing. My few days in Kiev flew by so fast. When I had to go back home to Germany, I felt like I left a part of me behind. It was a good test that showed me I had real feelings for Anna. For the next six months we had to get by on emails and telephone calls alone, again a great test to see if what we had was real.
Then six months after we first met, Anna came to see me in Munich. She only had a short two week vacation, yet it was enough time for us to both realize that we were each others half so we decided to get married. The wedding was in Kiev, and then we moved to Munich. By that time, Anna already spoke fluent German. She validated her medical degree and started working as a doctor. We lived a happy life together. And then she got pregnant. I was really happy, but overwhelmed and confused at the same time. You know, I was already 45 and I had a grown daughter from my first marriage that lived separately. Anna and I did not plan on having kids, it just happened. Then incredibly, soon after little Niclas was born, Anna got pregnant again. I told her if I knew she would be having babies every year, I would run nonstop all the way from Kiev to Munich! Just kidding of course… I love them very much.
We have been blessed with happy marriage and I am so grateful Joe and Tatiana were there to introduce us. Jorg, a good friend of mine, followed my example and met his fiancée Julia through Match Guaranty as well. Now I know that this is not just about good luck. Choosing the right matchmaker is very important because you don’t want to be “looking for love in all the wrong places” if you know what I mean.



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