I met Carlo when I was 45. I can’t say it was love at first sight. Maybe because at mu age I think people seldom fall in love at first sight. Also, before Carlo I was dating Udo, another German man for half a year that disappointed me a lot. First, Udo seemed to be a good man with good sense of humor, but in fact after visiting him in Germany he turned out to be quite greedy and high-strung. I was 44 at that time, but I was not desperate. In a couple of months the agency suggested I meet Carlo. Carlo is a German man, but a completely different kind of man (So ladies, don’t judge by the nationality). He tried to give me financial support, which I refused to accept, since I had to get to know him better. And indeed I discovered that Carlo is a really good man, whom I felt I could build a family with and who loves me from the very bottom of his heart and as the time went by I started loving him just as he did me. After getting married we moved to Germany. He bought me a car and takes good care of me. We have been living together happily for 3 years now. We have been travelling a lot and enjoy time together immensely. I can’t imagine my life without Carlo. He really is my true love!
I would like to recommend to ladies that they be very attentive when they choose a life partner for and don’t just accept any proposal without thinking very carefully and without real feelings for the man. People are different regardless the nationality. It is important to meet a man you can live happily your whole life with and never regret your decision. Follow your heart, it will not deceive you.



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