“The smell of fresh-baked croissants every morning…”

My wife, Viktoria, and I have been happily married for many years now, but I bet you’re wondering how our story started…
When I hit middle age, I was eager to find the true love of my life. I was tired of playing games and even more tired of girls playing them with me. Plus, I just couldn’t stand this new thing of women acting more like men and only caring about their careers. Seems that’s how all the women are in Germany these days. It took a while, but I finally got an idea of exactly what kind of woman I wanted to have standing by my side.
That got me thinking, “There are so many lonely, beautiful, caring and loving women outside of these borders… why should location be an obstacle in the way of finding destiny? The possibilities are limitless!” The representative at the marriage agency told me that was the mindset of a man, who is passionate about creating a family.
Now that I knew what I wanted, I used my determination and enthusiasm to take the first step – I scanned the Internet and registered in one of the most successful marriage agencies in Ukraine with a bold proclamation, “I am going to be married by fall!” Even with my inner determination and the support of my friends and family, the task of finding a woman seemed a pretty far-fetched goal and, unfortunately, my first experience didn’t turn out to be what I was looking for.
Anna was beautiful and well-educated, and the marriage agency seemed to think she would be a perfect fit for me. But every time they met, we realized how different our characters were and also our views of the future and my much-desired family. But, one minor failure isn’t enough to make me give up. You have to keep the faith!
After a couple days I got another call from the agency saying that they had found a woman who should be a perfect fit for me. Well, I had heard that before…
But, even before going on our first date, I felt something change… almost like it was my destiny I was going to see in a few minutes. Viktoria said she knew immediately after our first meeting that I was her future husband. Even though our age difference wasn’t small – fifteen years – the similarities we shared about life values were incredible. We just had that spark that ignited the fire of passion between us. I can’t imagine that will ever fade away. Well, the result of our love is our amazing daughter, Jasmin. We all live happily in Germany at the moment, but who knows what the future will bring.
Love and the unforgettable smell of Viktoria’s freshly baked croissants every morning, will never fade away and will always be reminders of the home we’ve created as a family.

TIP: Determination is taking the first step… and the next one after the first one falters.



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