I just watched part 2 of the “I F*@ked up” video of Joe Rickards on the Match Guaranty Youtube channel. It blew my mind! 

Imagine paying to meet a beautiful Ukrainian women only to find out that she’s married, and was paid to meet you. After watching this video, my eyes became wide-open.

After you see the story of “Mr. X”, ask yourself, if he got duped, despite speaking fluent Russian, being a 35 year-old rich jock, despite spending $70,000 and 2 years dating in Ukraine, if Match Guaranty got duped, despite it’s 50 years of collective matchmaking experience, how is it that you can protect yourself from being duped? After you watch this video, I promise the blinders will be off!


International dating, especially when foreign men are seeking hot Ukrainian or Russian brides, seems to involve multiple layers of agencies. You have the local matchmaking agencies that find the single ladies and then you have the online dating sites or international marriage agencies that find the Western men seeking Ukrainian wives. All of them are out to make money ,of course, but the key question is: do they have your best interests at heart? The dating websites and agencies helping the Western men understand the men and their needs, but rely on other companies to provide the single beauties. What Joe is saying is that it’s imperative guys deal with an agency that has their own database of carefully screened Slavic women.

Lack of Control: a Big Problem with Ukrainian Mail Order Brides Agencies

Dating websites, or so-called “Mail Order Brides” agencies, that rely on sub-agencies to provide the Ukrainian girls they introduce to Western men put those men at high risk of being scammed. This is because the agency you are dealing with has no control. All they know about the lady is what the sub-agency has told them. The agency has not screened the lady; they rely on the sub-agency to do that. The agency probably has never even talked with the lady before you are introduced to her. The agency has no idea whether the Ukrainian ladies they are introducing you to are scammers or sincere Ukraine women seriously seeking a soul mate. While the agency you are paying to help find your future wife may be looking out for you, the sub-agencies they use are not. Those sub-agencies are probably focused on making money and finding beautiful ladies (even if they may be already married) as bait to lure you to their agency.

There is a basic problem if the agency you rely on to find your beautiful, family-oriented future wife is relying on a sub-agency that has little incentive to meet your needs and lots of incentive to scam you. The agency you are paying may have your best interest in mind, but the sub-agency does not. You go to an agency and see beautiful Ukrainian brides, with profiles saying you are the type of man they seek, and, of course, you want to meet them. The sub-agencies know this, and make the most of this by offering incredibly hot Ukrainian women for men to date even if those women may already be married, even if those women need to be paid to date you.

The solution is to find a matchmaking agency that deals with both yourself and the single Ukrainian women directly, an agency that finds and carefully screens each lady. The solution is to find an agency that has a thorough understanding of each lady they introduce to you, and can vouch for the fact that each beautiful Ukrainian woman that they introduce to you is serious, sincere, seeking true love and absolutely not a scammer. 

In the video below, you’ll hear directly from Match Guaranty’s client as he tells his horrifying story of meeting a married pro-dater through their sub agency. What’s particularly interesting is that Joe Rickards mans-up and takes full responsibility.

As Joe Rickards says, this was an epiphany – the wake up call for Match Guaranty that precipitated the complete abandonment of their franchise business model, and a complete revamp of going back to their grass routes as a boutique Ukraine marriage agency, which severely caps their income, but will ensure quality matchmaking and happy, successful clients.

How Did You Build Your Database of Beautiful Ukrainian Brides?

As Joe points out, guys need to be savvy and understand how the agency they are planning to use found the ladies they are planning to introduce to you. You are paying them to introduce you to your beautiful, family-oriented future wife. It is important for you to understand how they found these women. You need to understand how they built their database of Eastern European ladies. Did they simply sign up any lady who walked in the door, or did they carefully screen them? Did they take the time to understand whether the lady is serious in finding a husband or if she is looking to make some extra money by scamming? And, what was their vetting process? For example, did they simply ask the lady to fill out a form or did they interview the lady, do background checks and verify everything she said about herself.

Vetting Ukrainian and Russian Women by Dating Sites and Agencies is Essential

It takes a lot of time, and a whole lot of effort, to build and maintain a quality database of Ukrainian ladies serious about finding a foreign husband. Most agencies and sub-agencies are not willing to do that, resulting in greater profits for them but more risk for you. If you don’t want to be scammed, it is important to use an agency that carefully screens and vets the Ukrainian girls that want to join their agency. You need to vet the agencies to make sure that they are vetting the ladies they introduce to you.

There are more beautiful, single Ukrainian ladies than you can imagine genuinely searching for a good husband. There are real Slavic women serious about finding decent men for marriage. As a result, there is tremendous opportunity for Western men looking for single Ukrainian women to date. These women have a traditional outlook, believing that the husband is the breadwinner and leader. They are caring and taught from an early age to care for children and their husband. They care about family values and family life, wanting the best for their family. They are very responsible mothers, feeling the needs of their children and doing their best to turn them into decent citizens. Real Ukrainian brides pay attention to their appearance. They know all about living a healthy lifestyle and wearing gorgeous clothes. They go to the gym regularly and spend a lot of time in front of the mirror putting on make-up.

Western men sometimes wonder why beautiful Ukrainian women are looking for a foreign husband. They mistakenly think the key reason is because of a desire to get a Green Card or to move to a richer country. This not the case with good Ukrainian ladies. They would prefer to live in Ukraine and be close to their family and friends, but they are willing to sacrifice that to find love. 

It is important to understand that there is nothing worse for a Ukrainian woman than being without a man. A Ukrainian woman just does not feel confident being alone; from an early age she was taught that her purpose and role in life is to be part of a marriage and family. Statistics show women outnumber men by 10.5 million in Ukraine and Russia. Because of this, even hot, beautiful Ukrainian women can have a hard time finding a husband. Divorced women with children find it especially difficult to find a Ukrainian man, since there are younger women without children chasing after that eligible man.

This all adds up to millions of beautiful, family-oriented, caring Slavic women looking for true love and a good husband. They are even willing to leave family and friends and move to a foreign country to realise this dream.

Western men are drawn to Slavic ladies and many men turn to dating services to find their future wife in Russia and Ukraine. But, there are also Ukraine girls and Ukraine dating agencies, or sub-agencies, eager to take advantage of men seeking to find the Slavic lady of their dreams. These are shark infested waters!

As Mr. X says, it is impossible for guys to figure out if the lady is sincere or not, to know if she is scamming him or not. If it is impossible for Mr. X to figure it out, despite speaking fluent Russian and spending years living in Ukraine, then how are any of us going to do better? Keep in mind that scamming is not just about trying to get your money, but also about wasting your time and playing with your emotions. So, you must make sure the agency is carefully vetting the ladies you are going to date. If the agency isn’t doing that, they are not doing their job and you need to find another agency.

Not only should you make sure the agency is vetting the ladies, but also understand the vetting process to make sure it is thorough. Do they conduct extensive, personal interviews with the ladies? Do they verify documents? Do they follow-up with references? You are relying on the agency to ensure that your journey to finding love in Eastern European countries is smooth and scammer-free. So, take some time to check out the agency and really understand how they find and screen the ladies introduced to you. 

Do They Advertise to Find Ukrainian Ladies?

You need to understand if the agency advertises to find ladies. As noted in the video, advertising is the kiss of death. If an agency advertises to find ladies, don’t touch it with a barge pole, otherwise you are setting yourself up to be scammed.

It is important to understand that serious, marriage-minded Ukrainian ladies do not go to marriage agencies. The dating industry has become a big business in Ukraine, and the widespread perception within Ukraine is that it is an industry based around scamming lonely, older, desperate Western men. Within Ukraine, the perception is that marriage agencies are designed to take Western men for every dime they are worth. This perception has been reinforced by the experiences of Ukrainian women whose identity has been stolen by dating sites. A woman answers an ad for a free photo shoot and takes up the offer to get nice, professional photos of her. However, she later discovers that her photos are all over the Internet on dating websites saying she is looking for a foreign husband. A Ukrainian dating site can make as much as $50,000 per month using the photos of young, beautiful Ukrainian girls whose identities were, essentially, stolen.

Good Ukrainian ladies seeking true love and a serious relationship will not go to a marriage agency or respond to ad by a marriage agency. They avoid marriage agencies like the plague. If an agency is advertising to finding ladies, the only ladies who respond will be ladies looking to be part of a scam and make money from scamming. They are looking to join a scam-based industry and make money off you. Not the kind of ladies you want to be dating!

It’s About Time!

In the video, Joe suggests that you ask how long it took the agency to build their database of ladies. That is because it takes time to find good Ukrainian girls who are serious about finding a husband. There is no quick way to do it, no short cut, because it happens by referral and word of mouth.

Here is how good agencies find good, serious-minded ladies: A Ukrainian lady meets and marries a foreign man with the help of a marriage agency. Friends of the Ukrainian bride attend the wedding or hear that their friend has found the man of her dreams. Having given up on Ukrainian men, or finding a decent man in Ukraine, those friends want to learn how the bride found and married a good, foreign man. The bride tells her friends about the marriage agency that introduced her to her groom, and her friends contact the agency, using their friend as a referral.

That process takes time. A lot of time! The best matchmaking agencies in Ukraine have spent a decade or more building their databases of ladies, carefully getting to know each lady and encouraging each lady to introduce other good, serious-minded ladies to their agency. It is a big red flag if an agency is only a couple years old or if the agency hasn’t invested many, many years in building their own database of ladies. That is why so many agencies use sub-agencies: it is a cheap and easy way to get up and running quickly. But, the time they save is likely to mean trouble and, possibly, heartbreak for you. So, find out how much time they invested in finding ladies. 

Client Referrals: Does the Dating Agency Deliver Results?

At the end of the day, it is all about whether the agency can deliver results. Joe provides good questions to ask an agency: Can I see photos or videos of your happily married clients? Can you give me a client referral? Talk to existing or former clients. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of the agency, and the services they offer, by talking to those clients. Make sure that the agency delivers on their promises. Make sure you are likely to get results for the hard-earned money you give the agency.

Quality vs Quantity

Some men make the mistake on focusing on quantity instead of quality. They think that an international dating agency or website with tens of thousands of women online, or in their database, is going to be better than an agency with hundreds of women. The opposite is true. An agency offering many thousands, or tens of thousands, of women is certainly relying on sub-agencies, and probably does little or no vetting. It is simply not practical, or economically viable, for the agency or website to adequately screen so many women themselves. It is also difficult for the agency to maintain such a large database to ensure that all those women are still available and single. In contrast, an agency with a smaller number of ladies (hundreds or maybe a thousand) recruited over many years would really know the ladies they are introducing to you and would be able to ensure that they are serious ladies looking for a serious relationship.

At the end of the day, you are looking for just one special lady for a long and lasting relationship. You are not looking to date hundreds or thousands of ladies; you are looking for an agency that can introduce you to perhaps a few dozen ladies, at most, that are within the scope of what you seek.

When it comes to Ukraine dating and matchmaking agencies, it is the quality rather than quantity that really counts.

Show Me the Profiles!

Joe made a really good point when he mentions that some agencies don’t show their ladies on their website. We visually-oriented guys need to see the ladies that are available from an agency. We need to be able to see the profiles of ladies to understand if there are ladies that stand out as being interesting or attractive to us. Most dating agencies and websites do this. If you are considering an agency that doesn’t, then you might be better off finding one that does.

Joe really opened my eyes and took off the blinders, helping me see the dangers of agencies that fail to properly screen the ladies they introduce to men, or rely on dubious sub-agencies. Joe offered some good advice on how to avoid the costly, painful mistakes most foreigners make on searching for an amazing, beautiful wife in Ukraine.

Reid Rasmussen

One comment:

  1. David Siemens

    November 7, 2021 at 5:46 pm

    I would like to add some observations I’ve made due to my own experience with online dating scams. It’s of course wrong to label all women/people on these dating sites as scammers or romance scammers, but one crucial point is due to the prevalence of social networking, free dating websites, social media, and dating apps, people like you, me and your clients are becoming gradually more aware/educated on the topic of online dating scams and fraudsters and con artists alike. Even task forces have been launched by the FBI, and federal trade commission due to the surge in online romance scams, online identity theft, and even money laundering. It’s gone nuts!

    It appears especially since the pandemic started, the scammers are also picking up on this, so they are becoming better at phishing. They have perfect poker faces to mislead their love interest. It’s romance fraud. They use fake profiles to lure you in, then send me money – there favorite tools are; western union, money gram, gift cards, they’ve even gotten so braisen as taking a wire transfer direct to their bank account. I read a report by the FBI internet crime complain center that showed how dangerous sending bank wire transfers can be as they get your personal financial information. The boys at ftc.gov are trying to throw the book at them, but they are becoming better wolves in sheep’s clothes and getting harder and harder to nail down.

    In my case she seemed like the most genuine person on the site, but her true colours really started to show in real life. Everything was correct about her, her profession, her name, her appearance etc..But something just seemed off, which was:

    1) The enthusiasm to keep talking ON the site while I was there. Even after meeting in real life and using instant messaging on the phone for free.

    2) The inability to spend more than an hour a day with me, and constantly watched the time. 3) On the last day when we exchanged phone numbers for free face to face, it was a bit of instant messaging. But she immediately vanished the moment I came home. She had sent me some messages, and photos of Viber but deleted them before I managed to even read them.

    If guys actually sat down, read the conditions on the site they should be able to read between the lines. No serious woman would spend 10-12 hours on an online dating site looking for a man. She has many other obligations during the day.

    Ukraine Brides Agency

    UBA for example, who use many sub marriage agencies, have a policy stating that the girls are not obliged to communicate outside the site, if any of the guys should find them on social media. Why? Because they have agreed with the agency up front to keep all communication on the site. This is supposedly to “ensure the anti-scam guaranty of the client”. By taking communication off the site, the guys will lose their anti-scam guaranty. They also say that by “buying her contacts” they will ask the girl directly if she is comfortable sharing her info, and if not it is 100$ down the drain.

    After saying they are looking for love on their dating profile, and having what seems like a serious online relationship with a girl, she says she doesn’t feeling “comfortable” sharing her contact details right off the bat (a month is not right off the bad last time I checked), they had bad experiences with men, want to meet face to face to see if there’s chemistry and THEN share their contacts, they don’t feel ready to communicate for free because the dating site is built in a way that ensures that both parties are available to talk. A plumber won’t do free plumbing outside business hours, just as she won’t communicate off work. Free communication to these women/translators is what garlic is to a vampire. They don’t discriminate on age, and appearance as long as there’s blood waiting. Maybe my story will help foreign men that are contemplating using any of these online dating sites. Even the people you’d LEAST expect to get fooled, get fooled is my take away from your video. So there’s absolutely no foolproof way to avoid these sites as I see it.

    They even made a documentary here years ago in Norwegian called Love hurts. A Ukrainian guy in Poltava made a business going after valuable stuff such as diamond rings that men had given to scammers, and he also revealed how they operate. One of the guys ended up with a no show, and the other guy had been scammed of a laptop, trip to Brazil and a lot of savings. These people have no empathy what so ever.


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