After The Love Is Gone

Statistics. Dry, and for some, unfathomable, not to mention plain old boring.  Let’s make it more exciting, let’s talk about sex!  Alright, so we’re going to talk about sex and statistics together, but we’ll make it simpler at the same time by cutting to the chase and hopefully, keep the old excitements levels up because I’m here to tell you that inside all these graphs, percentages and ho-hum research analysis, is information that EVERY guy over the age of 40 needs to know.  If you are less than 40, don’t go turning the page just yet either young man because whether you want to accept it or not, one day, God willing, you too will be in the mature age range!

Nobody wants to think about it but one day it’s going to happen to us all – we’ll wake up and the old libido doesn’t.  Believe it or not, unfortunately it’s true.  Okay, it doesn’t exactly happen overnight, it settles in slowly over a period of time where we simply get more comfortable with the growing lack of desire for sex.  It’s even worse for people in Slavic countries of the former Russian Federation.

Warning! First statistic. Sixty-six percent, that’s two-thirds, of older Russians become celibate, broken down into gender, it was less than 28% of women and 35% of men still having sex. Whoa, you might say, but what age group are these older Russians, and more importantly, what’s it got to do with me? Read on my friends.

The SPAI (Social Prognosis and Analysis Institute) conducted a recent study into sex and older people and discovered this headline fact.  Warning. Statistic Number Two, but first, look at the following Table, then the explanation following!

  Men Women
Retirement Age 60 55
Life Expectancy 64 76

Check it out gentlemen, males tend to live only another FOUR years after retirement while women go on for another twenty-one years.  If you can remember that first little tit-bit of information, about only 28% of older women still being sexually active, perhaps now you begin to understand why.  Simply put, because there are no suitable men around!

Dmitry Rogozin, a representative of SPAI, explained that a majority of men and women in Russia stop having intercourse after they retire. And not long after, the men expire.

The most common reason for the shorter life span is a more stressful job, drinking, and smoking, which are all usual things for men. However, modern researchers think that a lack of sexual activity also reduces a man’s life by several years. This has been proven in studies of western countries as well, not just Slavic countries.

So Where Did The Love Go?

No warning required for this next vital piece of information. There are more females than males in Russia. As mentioned before, men die earlier, so that imbalance increases with age. Most singles older than 40 are women. If a woman lost her partner, whether widowed or divorced, after the age of 40-50, the chances that she will remarry are very slim.

Surprisingly, there are many lonely men among mature singles in Russia. Even with the ample choice, men decide against pairing with someone else. They tend to look for a younger woman, though an age difference greater than 10 years is rare. This rarely spoken about situation may be another contributing factor as to why Russian men die an average of 10 years younger than women.

Take note of those facts, the majority of singles over 40 are women, and in Eastern European culture, an age difference greater than 10 years between partners is rare.  Just because you are from the west does NOT make you the exception either.

Russian society generally views elderly people as “clean,” “wise,” and “noble”, and assume they do not participate in any hanky-panky (though a third of mature couples claim to have intercourse from time to time). Modern medicine (as in VIAGRA) can give them a second wind, however it is not popular because of generational values. They do not usually express their feelings in public — you rarely see an old man kissing his wife. Most seniors were born in the times of the Soviet Union when anything related to sex was taboo.


There, that wasn’t so bad was it! What did you conclude from all those facts?  If you’re thinking there must be a lot of randy old women living in Eastern Europe, ready and hot to trot at the drop of a hat, sorry to tell you, but you’re wrong!  They are still as discerning as ever but the facts are, there is simply more of them in that age group that are single and available.  That, and being realistic about age difference, increases YOUR chances of finding a beautiful lady.

The research does show that an active sex life is proven to contribute to longevity, especially in males.

Basically, you’ve got to keep it up to keep alive!

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