The topic of money can be a slippery slope to handle in any aspect of one’s life, but more so when it comes to romantic relationships. It’s tricky to know when the person you are considering as a future partner is trying to take you along for a ride, or they really have stumbled on hard times and need a little financial support from you to get themselves back on their feet. Relationships with the beautiful women of Ukraine are no exception, often money being either the first or second cause of a failed relationship.


Ukrainian girls are an all in one kind of woman: perfect mothers, perfect wives, perfect homemakers and cooks, perfect lovers and perfect friends. They are an excellent companion and are fiercely protective of the people they love and take fantastic care of their families. They are the kind of woman who will always ask you how your day has been at work and will give good advice whenever you are in need of some.



They often look for foreign husbands not only because of the terrible economy that cripples the people of Ukraine, but also because they want a man who will treat them with the respect a spouse and woman should have, which many Ukrainian men deny them. It’s common for Ukrainian men to not take care of their wives or families, leaving the women to become the main bread winners as they drink their money away and pursue other girls, essentially abandoning their wives and children. Many Ukrainian girls are fiercely protective of their children and put them first, so they often look for a man who will look after them and their children out of love, and that leads them to rather choose a foreign man.


These girls want a better life for themselves and their current or future children someplace else, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It starts becoming a problem when that is the primary goal of the woman you are interested in, and she doesn’t love you. We, at Match Guaranty, try our very best to make sure all our women have genuine intentions, but in any relationship with someone, you can never be a hundred percent sure that they are not trying to scam you for money.


The trick to really analysing the situation you are facing, and making the correct choice in this delicate position, is by being mindful and ascertaining the truthfulness of the woman’s request by taking into account: how long you have been in contact with her for, what kind of relationship you have with the woman you are dating, and what she is planning on using the money you provide her with for. Let’s take a look at this scenario:


You have been dating this lovely Ukrainian woman and conversation seems to be going really smooth between the both of you as emails pass back and forth. You both appear to be very interested in one another but when you ask to talk to her outside of the emails through platforms like Skype, iMessage, Viber or WhatsApp, she says that she cannot because she doesn’t have Wi-Fi, a laptop or a smartphone. What now? Is she being truthful, or not? Should you send her money?


As you can see, this kind of situation is most likely a scam for money because we live in a technological era and most people have some form of smart device, unless they are very old and have no need for them. The women making these claims are trying to slyly get you to agree to send them money so they can repurpose the money for something else, rather than what it is intended for. If you have only had access to her through emails, and have not met her personally, or been keeping a regular stream of contact with her through Skype or a messenger, it’s definitely not a real relationship and under no circumstances should you send any money. If you are unsure of a woman, and don’t know what to do, please contact Match Guaranty through any of our channels and we are happy to review the situation with you and give you the best advice possible to make sure you are not scammed.


But not every woman is out there looking for men to scam. Many women are looking for good men who they can love and will look after them and their current or future children, no matter the circumstance. Ukrainian girls work very hard to provide for their families and try to save money, but sometimes they will fall on hard times and will need you to offer a little bit of financial help, especially if you are looking to marry this woman and you have either met her or have been talking to her almost every day for a long while, meaning you are very familiar with her.


The catch in this situation can be when you refuse to help out with a small fee to the woman you have been dating because you have been scammed so many times before, that you’d rather not take the chance. The Ukrainian girl that you have been dating for the past months might take this as a sign that you are a man of greed who does not care about her welfare or her life, rather caring about your own personal needs.


This really is a double-edged sword because this kind of topic can heavily impact the relationship you have been slowly and carefully cultivating with this beautiful woman. By helping her out, and slowly, bit-by-bit, financially supporting her if you know this is the women you want to marry, it shows her not only that you care but that you have the capability of supporting her and your family in your future together. If you refuse her, she most likely will take much offence to it and can end the relationship between you. Even if your future partner doesn’t ask for your help, propose to her that you want to start helping her financially so you can show her you are fully committed to this relationship. It does not have to be a great sum, even a hundred dollars can go a long way.


The key to all of this is being cautious but also having trust. When you know the women you are dating, supporting her, financially and emotionally, can really help cement the bond between you and will allow for a happy and harmonious marriage.


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